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Why become a


Laughter Leader?

If  you are ...

Someone looking to spread joy and laughter 

with your family, community, at work, 

then consider becoming a

Laughter Yoga Leader today!


The skills and knowledge you will gain 

in the 16 hour training to become 

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader

will help you and others find resilience in 

the face of the stress we experience in everyday life!  


You will learn the science behind the physiological and psychological benefits

of 'laughing fo the health of it'.

You will gain techniques to address a variety

of different communities and how to

adapt each session to suit them!


You will join an international community of 

Laughter professionals from over 120 countries!


Please reach out to Cathy Grippi 

for information 

on our next Laughter Yoga Leader training.

Call/Text: 203-856-6427







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