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Venice, Florida

We don't laugh because we are happy, 

we are happy because we laugh!

William James


I am Cathy Grippi 

and I revel in being a


I am living proof that the application of applied and therapeutic humor can help to heal the mind, body and soul!

At the age of 60, while feeling depressed, physically unwell and living in a new state, I needed to find ways to be of service and to find joy - seemingly an impossible situation to change having a negative mind set. 

And then I found Laughter Yoga!

In 2018, I chose to focus on leading and teaching Laughter Yoga because of the profound benefits I experienced since 2016 when I first discovered this fun, easy and effective aerobic exercise modality. Not only did the practice Laughter provide me a great tool for resilience but it allows me to connect with myself and others in ways I had never experienced before!!

Also in 2018, I joined he Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor (, where I enrolled in their three-year program to understand how and why to use humor in positive and healthy ways, earning the certification of CHP, Certified Humor Professional in 2021!

Then in 2019 the opportunity to become certified to be a Laughter Yoga Teacher appeared! Being a LY Teacher empowers me to teach others to be LY Leaders. 

Later that year, I trained with The World Laughter Tour to broaden my practice as a Laughter Yogi. And that same year I became Certified Professional Pro EFT™ Coach. 

Then in 2021 I became certified in Brain Gym in order to provide more benefits to my laughter students.

Along the way, Dr. Madan Kataria noticed my work and honored me with the title of Laughter Ambassador!

Leading Laughter in the Park each Saturday morning and in zoom sessions each week, is standard practice for me. Bringing Laughter Yoga sessions to assisted living facilities, summer camps, libraries, conferences and other venues provide even more opportunities to share recipes for resilience. I welcome the opportunity to experience this seriously silly aerobic exercise to you!

This is Jenny Wanner enjoying a moment with the founder of Laughter Yoga, D. Madan Kataria!  

Jenny became a certified Laughter Leader in the spring of 2018 and leads or co-leads classes.  

Jenny is a wonderful leader, bringing new ideas to this unique aerobic exercise modality.

Jenny is our zoom host on Saturday mornings and adds to the fun on Wednesdays too!  

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