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I am a Capricorn and considered to be a strong Type A personality.

 After one session of Laughter Yoga, I was pleasantly surprised to react with a chuckle every time I would drop an item from my healing broken wrist, 

which had limited range of motion. 

 Cathy’s session on how to connect breathing and laughter with the mind’s reaction to a typical frustration, was a process I could adopt easily.

Mary T.

I had really great comments/feedback from participants 

about your leadership/teachings for our PD Laughter Club. 

They are very grateful for you.

One member specifically appreciated that you shared your personal experience/reason for your interest in Laughter.

Michelle Martin, Hope Parkinson Program Manager

🤗  🤗 🤗

I did not have the opportunity to tell you what 

an amazing job you did with our team on Thursday. 

 Most, were apprehensive about participating in laughing yoga. 

 After you departed everyone was on a “high”, 

productivity and creativity soared. 

 There was a consensus to bring you back for another session.

You have found your calling Ms. Grippi!

Blessings and Thank you!

Beth E. D.

😉 😉 😉 

Laughter WORKS!!! 

After 5-6 sessions I was feeling better; happier; more outgoing.

But it's gradual; you don't even realize it - until you don't! 

After those sessions I went on a vacation for 2 months. 

Halfway through I was feeling not so light and cheery. 

I had missed my laughter. 

Got back into it, and I'm back to light and cheery!!! Give it a try!

Nona H. 

😊 😊 😊

I found myself under a lot of stress this week and 

the first thingthat popped into my head was 

Hahaha, heeheehee yeah!!!

This is just after one time!!! I will be back!

Kathy P.

🤣  🤣 🤣

'Was not expecting much and came away with a potentially life changing activity! 

Learned to laugh loudly and dramatically to get the blood pumping and oxygen flowing through my body.

Ann S.

😁  😁 😁

A wonderful fun-filled experience 

where you were treated like a friend from the get-go. 

Being the self-conscious type at times, 

I found it easy to relate and laugh so easily. 

Even better than the "dance as if no ones watching" it was laugh and the world laughs with you. I feel light and happy. 

Can't wait to join in again.

Kim B.

🌞 🌞 🌞


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